A hospitality platform fully aligned with your corporate identity

Savviva develops an innovative platform for, and together with, our customers to present our services in a pleasant way, making ordering easy and payment quick and secure. The result is a personalised website aligned with your identity, strategy and branding, and which your employees and clients can relate to.

Stylish, dynamic and easy to use

Your personalised website is eye-catching and invites visitors to further explore all of the services and products. In addition, it’s easy to use: short, clear text in three languages, and ordering is a piece of cake with a few simple clicks. There is space for updates, news releases and weekly events or promotions. Got a question? You’ll find a quick answer via the interactive chat feature, a direct telephone line or e-mail.

Multi-site architecture and customisable features

The multi-site architecture of the website makes it possible to implement your individual requirements and preferences quite easily, while the platform remains globally managed. In addition, if you need other features added to the modular platform these are also easy to apply.