With a private concierge, you have more time for what really counts

Perhaps you’re busy and want more time for the important things in life. Savviva provides personal assistance during busy times. Your private concierge provides help whenever you need it. He or she is a personal assistant whom you can trust and who always works discreetly.

For those who want a better work-life balance - or just more time

Your personal concierge arranges appointments, organises your parties, is your personal chauffeur, arranges childcare, lets your dog out, books travel... in short, he or she is a person you can count on.

For businessmen and women, expats and diplomats

We organise your business trip, order tickets, keep track of your schedule, take care of your home while you’re travelling, and make your arrival a pleasant experience by making all the necessary arrangements so that you lose as little time as possible.