A smart concierge providing high-quality remote concierge services

Every day, we strive for even greater innovation and perfection. Our smart concierge services respond to our customers’ needs: professional, secure and cost-efficient high-quality services, provided remotely and characterised by an outstanding level of service and personal approach.

An innovative and secure technique

Visitors are welcomed by a concierge remotely via interactive live video communication. With the patented eye contact technique, visitors are directly in the line of vision. Aligned eye contact makes a real difference and ensures warm, natural and personal contact. The system also uses the most recent video and internet techniques. Your reception is tailored to your needs: from registration and exchange of documents to an info kiosk with pre-programmed video.

Choosing a smart concierge is cost-efficient

A smart receptionist manages several buildings at any given time, from any place. This technique, combined with our experienced and dedicated concierge team, allows us to respond immediately to all of our customers’ wishes.