Choose smart lockers with an elegant design

Smart Lockers is an elegant and integrated system of lockers for exchanging services, which may be combined with a smart or mobile concierge service. With these digital lockers, services and parcels can be exchanged with quite a bit of flexibility. It can be done at any time of day.

Digital lockers with intelligent software

Our lockers are made of strong, quality materials, secured by a patented electronic lock and managed with intelligent software. Different authentication options are available, such as a PIN, smartphone, RFID, barcode or fingerprint. The user-friendly software is tailored to your needs in terms of functionality, and takes on your house style.

Choosing smart lockers is cost-efficient

Your company or residence has an interest in cost-efficient solutions. Savviva offers you the option to purchase or lease the lockers, with or without integrated concierge services. We take care of everything - from servicing and maintenance to software upgrades. The locker system can easily be expanded according to your needs, and to your different locations.